BOATING WRITERS INTERNATIONAL Certificate of Merit ‘for excellence in creating compelling stories about the boating lifestyle through entertaining, educational and inspiring journalism’

OCEAN CRUISING CLUB GEOFF PACK AWARD Awarded to the person who, by his or her writing, has done most to foster and encourage ocean cruising in small craft.

VIRTUE AWARD presented to a member in North America for an outstanding voyage or for service to the Ocean Cruising Club  (In this case it was awarded for both).


‘Beyond the considerable accomplishment of just taking off for parts unknown, this remarkable family does so with a refreshing spirit of calm élan. Author Copeland reports with a clever mix of dialogue and description that gets the reader to know her crew/family and then introduces far away places through their eyes and reactions.’
Gary Hoyt, Award-winning boat designer and author

‘By combining their considerable sailing skills with a thirst for adventure, the Copelands have succeeded doing what most of us just dream about: completing an incredible voyage of discovery covering over 50,000 sea miles. The culmination of their adventure is the sharing of this odyssey. So sit back and let Liza take you with her family on a magical journey of exploration, with her very competent hands at the helm.’
Dave Miller, Olympic Bronze Medalist and former Manager, North sails, Vancouver
‘Sailor or not you will enjoy this book. As one who has travelled widely, I found its description of different cultures, scenery, nature and family travels fascinating. It opens new worlds of adventure and knowledge as you travel with a family who enjoys life to the full. Its anecdotes range from hilarity to suspense – they are always entertaining and informative. The author writes with clarity and flair, and is persuasive. So much so that the reader is tempted to abandon all and take off – as the Copelands did. Whether you sail or not, they show that you can make your dreams come true.’
Lewis PerinbaumWorld Development Executive, former Vice President of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and founder and first Director of the Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO)
‘Stands testament to the cruising spirit’s immortality. Straight forward approach…numerous helpful details and lively anecdotes.’   
Cruising World Magazine

‘Inspirational’ Travel Editor, the Globe and Mail
‘Vastly entertaining …the perfect gift for your favourite would-be wanderlust.’ 
The Vancouver Courier
‘Liza Copeland and her family have lived my dream. The author’s delightful descriptions of the their six year sailing odyssey through 82 countries takes the reader to many places only a boat would reach. Because the Copelands were determined to travel inland wherever they could, the book is equally fascinating as a travel adventure. But be warned! This is the stuff that stirs others to act out their own dreams.’
Kerry McPhedran, award-winning travel writer and editor
‘Very realistic and entertaining portrayal of the practical information that one needs for blue water voyaging. The rewards and delights experienced by the Copelands will encourage and educate any family considering extended cruising. Go now!’
Thomas B. Service, circumnavigator and USN Salvage Ship Commander
‘As world-wide marine photographers we’ve met innumerable sailors but few have such interesting tales to tell as the Copelands.  Excellent reading for cheering up those gloomy winter evenings.’
Ken Beken, Beken of Cows (1888) England
‘Even the most conventional families are sometimes apt to dream a little. Adventures on the Discovery Channel may ignite a quiet flame…but a Caribbean holiday is generally as far as they will get. Understandably, few families have the guts or the wonderful spirit of the Copelands. On their circumnavigation they dropped anchor in unheard of places where a yacht was as strange as the space shuttle. As a result the children have memories that will help them cruise through life with a following wind and sunlight on their shoulders.’
Jol Byerley, Yacht Captain, author, radio personality and raconteur, Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua.

‘Liza gives armchair sailors an opportunity to savor the delights of an extended cruise in North and Central America, and real boaters a mass of useful and intriguing information in a most enjoyable package.’
Nigel Calder, Best selling boating author
‘Liza Copeland has done it again! Comfortable Cruising is a gift of indispensable information and inspiration, a sharing of her passion and remarkable capabilities as a cruiser. By combining a delightful narrative along with up-to-date, practical route-planning, weather, travel and cruising appendices, Liza makes casting off the dock lines irresistible.’
Carol Hasse, Cruiser, instructor and owner of Hasse and Company Port Townsend Sails
‘Liza Copeland’s new cruising tale Comfortable Cruising is one of the best sailing books to come our way in many a year. Veteran cruisers, Andy and Liza set off to sail around North America from their home in Vancouver, BC to the Canadian Maritimes via the Panama Canal. Along the way they discover many great cruising areas and meet wonderful people. A cruising adventure close to home, this book not only shows us all how much fun this lifestyle can be, it also provides valuable resources for cruising the area successfully.’
George Day, Circumnavigator, Editor and Publisher Blue Water Sailing Magazine
‘The voice of experience from Liza’s extensive cruising provides excellent planning material and information in the concise appendices. Historically descriptive passages add interest to the areas covered that can be enjoyed in both power and sailing craft.’
Margo Wood, Publisher and author of Charlie’s Charts
‘Are you intimidated by the thought of embracing long distance cruising as a way of like? Anyone headed for distant horizons would benefit from picking the brains of circumnavigators.  Liza and Andy Copeland provide you with theirs. Cruising for Cowards is not an encyclopedia of esoteric engineering data, equipment dissertations, and systems analysis. It is, instead, a highly readable guide to help long-distance cruisers equip and prepare their boats and then deal with everything from cockroaches to bureaucratic paperwork while en route. There are many courses to the cruising life, but Liza and Andy’s enthusiasm and tactics, illustrated by lively accounts of their family’s experiences and amusing cartoon, charts the course that led their family and many others successfully around the glove. Anyone who follows in their wake is unlikely to be disappointed. ‘
Steve Callahan, author of the best-selling Adrift and a former Associate Editor at Cruising World Magazine

‘From age and anxieties to water and windvanes even the boldest sailors will find their niggling questions answers. A great book to dip into, browse through, and be reassured by. And Harold Allanson draws cartoon to die for. ‘
Anne  Hammick, author of Atlantic and Mediterranean cruising guides and recent Commodore of the Ocean Cruising club
‘An upbeat book that gets real about the fears, tears, and cheers of bluewater cruising, and how to make the break from suburbia to the high seas.’
Senior Editor, SAIL Magazine
‘For those contemplating longterm cruising this candid, humorous, fact-filled book leaves no stone unturned in preparing family, friends, the boat and you for success in pursuit of the ultimate dream.’
Doris Colgate, CEO and President of Offshore Sailing School and founder of the National Women’s Sailing Association (NWSA) 

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